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RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN (Trim & unpainted area cleaner)

RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN (Trim & unpainted area cleaner)




Removing wax and clean the dirt stuck on the bumper and door strips


Wax and dirt stuck on unpainted plastic parts is difficult to be removed by normal shampoo wash. Even when they are hard to be removed, you cannot use strong solvents such as paint thinner. It will damage the materials. Please try our “RUBBING STRIPS CLEAN ”. This product has been developed for unpainted plastic parts. It will remove the dirt stuck on bumpers and strips.



Removing wax and dirt on molding and bumpers

Rubbing Strips Clean is the dedicated cleaning system for only unpainted plastic materials.

Wax and dirt clogged on fiber surfaces of unpainted plastic parts are quite difficult to be removed by normal shampoo wash. Although they are incredibly hard to be removed, you should not use strong solvents to do so, the materials will be damage owing to the fact that they are unpainted.

In this case, use  Rubbing Strips Clean. This product has been specifically developed for cleaning of unpainted plastic parts. It will scrape out and remove wax and dirt clogged on fiber surfaces of unpainted plastic parts.

An application is simple; put the liquid onto the sponge included then rub off surfaces. The detailed instruction manual with pictures is attached so that it is easy for anyone even for first time users.

One bottle (50ml) can clean all the door strips of approximately 8 normal size cars.

Wax is on the surface:

After application, it has been removed completely:

Newly developed pH neutral agent specifically optimized for molding with the dedicated ultra-fine fiber sponge.

Rubbing Strips Clean is not only relying on its cleaning power, with the dedicated ultra-fine fiber sponge for the agent, those plastic pars are cleaned with the perfection. You will be surprised how effectively the product can clean and remove wax and dirt on plastic parts.

Rubbing Strips Clean has been developed with the knowledge and experiences of the industry’s leading car care shops in Japan. The product cannot be compared to other products because it is totally different.


  • This product is only for unpainted materials such as strips and bumpers with rough surfaces.
  • This product should not be used for materials with clear transparency such as door visors and headlight.
  • For plastic parts with clear transparency (door visors, tail lights and headlights), please use Plastic Polish.
     【1】 Dust, sand, mud and dirt, rinse with a strong water stream.
     【2】 While construction surface remains wet, take some solution on this brush, rub the dirt parts.
     【3】 After the stain is removed, rinse with plenty of water before it dries.
     【4】 Wipe the remaining water.


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